The main function of this site is to build an accurate, easily understood picture of what’s happening in our economy, how it is affecting us, and what we can do to protect ourselves from the threats and avail ourselves of the many opportunties afforded by economic change.

The subjects we’ll cover include:

  • Economic Situation. Describe the forces which have resulted in our current economic situation
  • Impacts On Our Households. Define the threats and opportunities are we facing as result of these economic forces
  • Solutions. Generate solutions we can use at the household level to prepare for what’s coming

How We’ll Collaborate To Produce Great Results

To build this economic picture, one or more authors write an article which serves as starting point for discussion on a subject. Then the readers go to work finding omissions, errors, and overlooked points of emphasis in the draft. The authors use that feedback to update the draft, and as a team we cycle through the draft-update process until we’re satisfied with it.

A Post Is For Discussion; A Page is For Keeps

Please note the distinction between a Post and one of the website’s Pages. A Post is where a draft version of a subject is presented for debate and discussion. This where everyone gets to comment on the subject at hand.

In contrast, the Page is a place on this website where the “official, consensus view” of a subject is stored for reference.

After we’ve discussed, debated and agreed upon our Consensus View of a topic, we’ll store it in a Page. Any new readers that visit the site can simply read the Official Consensus Pages, and get up to speed easily and thoroughly. Then they can make their way to the discussion frontier, and pitch right in.

As of mid-May 2020, we are just getting started. The first Post is available for you to read and comment upon, and the subject of the post is our Current Economic Situation. Per our methodical approach, we won’t be getting into Impacts and certainly not into Solutions until we’ve established a solid situational awareness of where we currently are.

The goal is to get the Situation and the Impacts discussion completed in a month or two. Then we can start the discussion about Solutions, and that’s where the bulk of the work, and the majority of the site’s value-add will occur.

At some point, it may become worthwhile for some author(s) to develop a historical perspective on how we came to be in the awkward position we currently occupy. An informed society needs a historical perspective in order to accurately select policy options going forward. Working together, we may well be able to provide ourselves with a readable, fairly accurate and brief overview of how we got here.

The following material is provided so that our early adopters have an idea of how the site will expand as we work our way through the first foundational topics that lie ahead.

Economic Situation – Consensus View

The Economic Situation Consensus View page provides a solid, easily understood picture of our economy as of May 2020. It also introduces you to valuable concepts and terminology that serve as a common vocabulary for your discussions with others on the site.

Impact of Our Situation

Once you’ve got the basics of the current situation under your belt, it’s time to learn how the trends and forces of the consensus view are likely to affect you in the future. Read the Economic Impact Consensus View page.

Please note that the Impact page is in skeletal form, and will not be fleshed out until we – the authors and the commentators – develop a thorough consensus view of the current situation.

Solutions to the Challenges We Face

If you’ve done your homework and understand the current situation and its likely impact on your future, you are the proud owner of an accurate Situational Awareness. You’re ready to embark on the most important and interesting part of our journey: finding solutions. Read the Solutions Consensus View page.

The Solutions page is also in skeletal form, and won’t be developed until the Situation and Impacts pages are fully developed by the team.

Some of our readers are wondering how to amend our economic policy in order to avoid a future recurrence of the mess we’re in now. Read the Historical Perspective section. Why? So we know the mistakes of the past, and don’t repeat them.

The historical perspective section will be the last to be written. It will likely make its debut in Fall of 2020.

Section To ReadWhat It Contains
Economic Situation Consensus View Summary of the state of the United States economy in 2020
Economic Impact Consensus ViewAnalysis of how the current economic trends are likely to affect your job, your family and the environment we’re living in
Solutions Consensus ViewSummary of the solutions section of our website.

Once you’ve built a solid situational awareness, it’s time to pick the solutions that will work for you and get moving
Historical PerspectiveReview of how our economy changed from 1950 until 2020