Tom Pfotzer

Tom is an engineer and entrepreneur who has devoted his life to bringing people together to solve problems. He spent twenty years in a variety of business technology and consulting roles, capped by his founding Redbridge Corporation, where he led a team of 12 consultants creating tools for marketing and recruitment. 

Dissatisfied with the narrow focus of and short time horizons of the business world, Tom and his wife Wendy decided in the early 2000s to shift gears, and establish a regenerative farm in Waterford Virginia.  On forty acres of pastureland and woods, they cultivate a wide variety of fruits and fruit trees, nuts and bees.  Hay grown onsite nourishes their two horses, goats and flocks of chickens, and supplements income from their fruit operations.  Tom’s goal is to develop a cooperative farming and teaching model that can be used to demonstrate the potential for regenerative agriculture on a large scale.