Our goal is to build an accurate, easily understood picture of what’s happening in our economy, how it is affecting us, and how we can best cope with the massive changes that are occurring.

The subjects we’ll cover include:

  • Economic Situation. Describe the forces which have resulted in our current economic situation
  • Impacts On Our Households. Define the threats and opportunities are we facing as result of these economic forces
  • Solutions. Generate solutions we can use at the household level to prepare for what’s coming

How Is RealEconomy.Org Different?

Four things set RealEconomy.Org apart from other websites. Those vital differences include:

  • Focus. In most situations, there are a few key factors which exert a dominant influence on outcomes. We take the trouble to identify those key aspects, and focus on them like lasers
  • Permanence. Many of you have offered up perfectly wonderful posts, full of knowledge and wisdom, only to see them lost forever in the churning tides of the Internet. We make a concerted effort to glean your wisdom and put it into permanent documents which are made available to others
  • Completeness. The economy is fearsomely complex. No one person understands it thoroughly. We are building a composite picture of the economy by soliciting knowledge from people in every corner of the economy. We invest the effort to integrate all that knowledge into permanent, accessible, clear reports that tell the whole story.
  • Action. Most of what happens on the Internet is talk. Talk which is never acted upon. Action is what solves problems. The minute we feel that the economic situation has been well-defined, we’ll spend the rest of our time, from then and henceforward, on indentifying solutions and implementing them.

Who is the Team?

The team consists of we founders, and you. The role of the founders is to set the general direction and write articles that serve as starting points for discussion. You – the person reading this – your role is to read, consider, comment, and if you’ve got the chops, write an article. So that’s the team: a collection of smart people helping one another get a grip on what’s happening around us.

How Does the Team Work?

It’s simple: one of the team members – maybe you, for example – writes an article that describes some key aspect of the economy as it is today. We publish that article here at RealEconomy.Org. The rest of us read that article, and comment on it. We identify what’s missing, what’s unclear, what’s just plain wrong. The author of the article uses that feedback to improve it, until it’s so good that no further commentary is necessary. It’s done, and it’s time to make it permanent.

Articles Become Reference Materials

Once the article has matured sufficiently it’s time to harvest and move on. We close the article to further commentary, and move that article into the Reference Materials section of the website.

RealEconomy.Org Teaches Fast

Think about how much effort you’ve had to expend to learn how the economy really works. It usually takes years of effort to develop the complete, coherent and accurate picture we’re building.

But for the new reader, that effort can be reduced enormously. For the price of a few hours of concentrated reading and question-asking, you can get what took other smart people years – even decades – to construct. That’s the first great value that RealEconomy.Org offers.

RealEconomy.Org is Mainly About Action

Learning about our economic situation, while vital, is only the beginning of the journey, and fortunately, that beginning won’t take very long to accomplish. Then we can start the most interesting and valuable part of our work. We start developing solutions that we can implement at the household level in order to cope with the enormous economic changes we face.

Why Household Level Solutions?

Our society is currently having great difficulty accurately diagnosing our economic problems, let alone fixing them. Effective, well-directed top-down action seems, to be polite, “unlikely”.

So that leaves us with Old Reliable: “If it’s gonna get done, I’m a-gonna have to do it”. That’s where we are. So let’s not waste any more time waiting for things that aren’t going to happen.

The good news is that we can start right now; no permission or external buy-in required. The other good news is that there are plenty of smart, capable people available to help get this job done. We just need to find those people – those thoughtful, action-oriented people that can work well with others. If we work hard to become what they’re looking for, they will help us. Why? Because it’s very much in their own self-interest to do so.

Where Do I Start?

As of early June 2020, the place to start is by reading and then commenting upon the Current Economic Situation post, and then the Corruption and Oligopoly post. That will be a splendid start.