About Us


RealEconomy.Org was created by Tom Pfotzer and Karen Parker Feld.

Tom PfotzerKaren Parker Feld
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The people building RealEconomy.Org come from all corners of the North American economy. Some of us have a great deal of economics training, others are business owners and entrepreneurs. Some of us are young people just getting started with their careers, and some of us are retired.


We’re building this website to provide a clear, thorough and accurate picture of what’s happening with our economy, how it will affect us, and how we can cope with the great changes to come.


Ethos is a Greek word meaning “character” that is used to describe the guiding beliefs or ideals that characterize a community. The ethos we seek to build empasizes the values of fairness, civility, accuracy, courage, focus and a bias toward action.

Making Your Impact

There are three major ways you can help build this site:

  • Comment on the posts. As you read each post, ask yourself “do I agree with this? Is this story accurate, and is it complete?” Use the comments section to help us refine the story we’re telling
  • Tell Your Friends. If you’ve got friends that would enjoy participating and would be a good fit with our site’s ethos, please invite them to participate.
  • Be an author. Do you have a viewpoint, experience or skills that will help others? Would you consider writing an article for RealEconomy.Org? Use the Contact Us page to send us your idea for an article. Please include a recent writing sample.