Hydroponics: Progress Report Dec 26 2022

I’ve transitioned out of the design phase of the project and into construction. If you’re interested in learning about all the factors that affected the design, and how my thinking progressed through the design process, I’ve prepared a set of Design Notes (PDF format) that you can read through.

The notes include the major questions I had about the design at the outset, the research I did to answer those questions, an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of hydroponics systems, and an analysis of two popular hydroponics system architectures.

The notes also include a list of each of the major sub-assemblies of the system I’m building, along with some high-level design attributes of each of the components, and some notes about how I plan to construct each of those sub-assemblies.

Author: Tom Pfotzer
I'm a retired I.T. worker who runs a farm. Like many of us, I'm trying to figure out how to respond to the slow-motion environmental and economic collapse we're engulfed in. I want to work with people who understand what's going on and are ready to do something about it.

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