Author: Tom Pfotzer

I'm a retired I.T. worker who runs a farm. Like many of us, I'm trying to figure out how to respond to the slow-motion environmental and economic collapse we're engulfed in. I want to work with people who understand what's going on and are ready to do something about it.
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Hydroponics System: Operations Guide

Note: The first draft of the Operations Guide is worth writing early in the design process. Why is that? Because one of our prime requirements…

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Hydroponics System: Master Design

This is the first version of the Master Design for the hydroponics system. This shows all the major components, and how they relate to one…

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A Survey of Hydroponic System Designs

Here are several hydroponics designs that others have created. What is your assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of each design? Note that our requirements…

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New Product: Hydroponics System

It’s time to design, build and operate a new household-scale production system. The new product will be a hydroponics growing system I’ll use to grow…

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Hydroponics System Requirements

These are the latest requirements for the hydroponics system I’m building. Mandatory Requirements. The system must: Optional Requirements. The system should: These are very rudimentary…

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U.S. Energy Sources and Uses – 2020

The U.S. Energy Information Agency publishes an annual two-page report which shows what types of energy we use, and how we use it. This one…

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Visiting Mount Stupid

Our society faces several really big problems that are well-discussed and yet not solved. Solving complex problems that affect all of us requires that we…

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A Beginning

I perceive our society’s two biggest challenges to be: Environment. Climate change is no longer “in the future”; it’s here. The question now is “who…

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