Visiting Mount Stupid

Our society faces several really big problems that are well-discussed and yet not solved.

Solving complex problems that affect all of us requires that we achieve a consensus on what the problem actually is, what to do about it, how to do it, and who will do the work required to implement the solution.

The first step in that problem-resolution process is to establish a well-vetted “situation analysis”, which describes the context and the problem accurately.

One factor that really complicates and obstructs the process of developing an accurate situation analysis is the tendency for people to express opinions as facts, and to defend their opinions before those opinions have been thoroughly vetted.

Introducing Mount Stupid

Take a look at Mount Stupid, and consider how many times you’ve seen others express an opinion – with authority and certainty – that later turned out to be false.

graphic is based on artwork originally created by Zack Weinersmith

Now consider the number of times you’ve expressed opinions, with absolute surety, that also … turned out to be false.

Consider how much this behavior impedes the valuable process of arriving at an accurate situation analysis – that shared, vetted, accurate, actionable view that serves as the foundation of problem-solving.

It’s normal and appropriate to visit Mount Stupid. We all do it.

How long do we camp out on Mount Stupid before we move on to the more fruitful end of the knowledge continuum?

What tactics do you use that shortens your stay atop Mount Stupid?

* I’m trying to contact Zack Weinersmith to obtain permission to use his original-artwork graphic. In the meantime, I’m using artwork I created that’s based on Zack’s.

Author: Tom Pfotzer
I'm a retired I.T. worker who runs a farm. Like many of us, I'm trying to figure out how to respond to the slow-motion environmental and economic collapse we're engulfed in. I want to work with people who understand what's going on and are ready to do something about it.

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