A Beginning

I perceive our society’s two biggest challenges to be:

Environment. Climate change is no longer “in the future”; it’s here. The question now is “who gets hit next” and “how badly”.

Economy. Automation is relentlessly wringing labor out of the production equation, concentrating wealth in the hands of a few while everyone else is being impoverished. We print trillions of new dollars, but that money never gets invested to prepare us for a new economic reality we face, or repairing the environment we depend upon.

Like so many others, I’ve been watching and worrying as these trends emerged. I kept wondering when our society was going do something about these massive problems.

As you know, there wasn’t much action. I gradually came to realize that change wasn’t going to happen top-down. Since I have no influence over society, my only option is to focus my efforts where I actually do have influence, and that’s within my own household.

Over the past few decades I’ve gradually migrated from a position of high vulnerability to a position of relative security with respect to these two big challenges. I still have a long way to go, but considerable progress has been made.

Next Post

In the next post, I’m going to set the discussion context a little, and talk some about my situation.

Author: Tom Pfotzer
I'm a retired I.T. worker who runs a farm. Like many of us, I'm trying to figure out how to respond to the slow-motion environmental and economic collapse we're engulfed in. I want to work with people who understand what's going on and are ready to do something about it.

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